Wednesday, August 5, 2015

A Handprint

Last night 
Larry and I had to stop by our neighborhood 
Walmart for a few things.
We stood in line for 30 min.
The woman in front of us was using her food stamp card
and about 12 of her items 
(such as bags of frozen veggies and cottage cheese)
would not be paid for on her card.
She would look at her receipt 
one by one, 
she would find the item, have the checker take it off her total
and then she would leave it behind.
Larry figured out what was happening and
I saw him whisper to the checker.
Then all of the sudden it was over.
We paid for our groceries and went to the car.
Yes, he did.
{paid for the woman's groceries}
We did not really talk about it,
but we talked about how blessed we have been.
How we have chosen to live a certain way.
How life is about the joyful moments, not the big car or house.
Seeing our family thrive is most important.
Being thankful and sharing with others
makes our heart happy.

 I looked at this amazing man I married and said:
I do not want my carbon footprint
 to be what people remember about me.
But, I want to leave my hand print on their heart.
He smiled and kissed me.
Love you.