Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Who Your Heart Wants You to Be

Once upon a time, there lived a woman.
She adored her husband and her daughters were a gift from God.
She lived her days in a happy little bubble,
making sure that everyone was happy and got exactly what they wanted.
{even if it meant ignoring her happiness}
Then one day, she did not RSVP to a party at her Step Mother's in time.
Her angry father disowned her.
{yes, really}
Her 2 sisters decided that the father was to important to ignore
she became estranged to both her sisters and father.

When I look back on that woman,
she was looking for something in a silent way.
Her oldest daughter became deathly ill.
Her youngest daughter joined the Air Force.
Her husband held her hand, reinforcing his love
and support.

I am that woman in the portrait above.
The old me.
The me that smiled even while being insulted and used.
My Larry, Lauren and Jami are my world.
With their good choices,
they are bringing in extended family members 
that round us out in a beautiful way.

That old Robin was a nice person, but...
now I no longer have a need to please
angry, hurtful people.

No one should ever allow anyone in their life
 be hurtful and mean.
You must be strong.
You must be brave.
Life is quite wonderful when you are exactly 
who your heart wants you to be.
Love you.


rosemary said...

Robin, as usual, your timing is
spot on with this message!! xoxo