Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Weddings, Opinions and Being Quirky

Love is a symbol of eternity.
It wipes out all sense of time, 
destroying all memory of a beginning 
all fear of an end.

When the girls were born,
The first thing I said, BOTH times was:
They will have braces and go to college.
Honestly, that and being happy, were my expectations for them.

When Lauren met Josh, she was very private about their relationship.
I had no concept of them ever getting married.

When Jami met Jared, I knew they were in love.
Living life seemed to be top of their list,
so, my concept of them getting married,
 was much as it was for Lauren and Josh.

 Isn't it interesting that,
when I was in Paris, I took this picture?
{before any weddings were ever being planned}

I love weddings.
When I managed the the flower shop in Memphis,
I was was the wedding person.
I planned all flowers and often "directed" the weddings.
I have also made a wedding dress or two.
Jamison and I made the veil for Lauren's wedding.
{we had the best time making it for her}

The moment that Lauren arrived at the beach
and took Josh's arm,
the veil flew off of her head.
This is one of my favorite images from their wedding.

Now, these two are planning a wedding.
I am excited for them.
I wish for their wedding to be
as quirky and wonderful as they are.
If a wedding is not 
I say,
why bother?
Run away to Las Vegas.

Let the wedding planning begin!
{Remember, this is the Bride and Grooms day.
 Their opinion is the only one that counts}

Love you.