Friday, July 3, 2015

My Book Of Days

I am a birthday lover.
I love everyone's birthdays, even mine.
This year I had a specific idea about
 how I wanted to go forward with my birthdays.
I really don't want things.
I want moments.
I want poems that you think that I will like.
I adore quotes and pictures.
I asked Larry for a book from OBERON.
They custom made this for me.
The leather cover is forever,
the book inside, when filled can be taken out and replaced.
It is my book of days.
I penned in the title today
and will paint the page later.

This book will be for my birthday gifts.
Anniversary gifts, Christmas and anything that require
sending a memory.
If a gift cannot be put into this book, it is not the gift for me.

Larry has been laughing at me.
He says: a book? Really?
Perhaps it is my age or feeling very spoiled lately.
{do you ever feel guilty when you get a dozen gifts for just being YOU?}

I am in love with this book and the idea
of my book of days.

Today I will paint the title page.
I feel happy.
Love you.