Monday, July 27, 2015

The BEST Weekend

I had the BEST weekend.
Yes, Larry worked all weekend, but when he took breaks,
we had the BEST time.

Saturday was Matilda's extended birthday celebration.

Josh made goodies 
Trays of summertime treats.

We drank Champagne and toasted Miss Matilda.

We snacked till the sun set.
Then out came more fireworks.
Matilda is 4.
It was a beautiful celebration.

Matilda does not like the noise that fireworks make.
She stayed close to her Pa. 
She is on his shoulders...
Lauren's silhouette looked beautiful while the sun was setting.
{she had a red solo cup of water!}

 As we said goodbye and walked to the car,
the half moon was amazing.

Sunday Morning Larry and I walked 3 miles.
{I have been walking every morning before it gets hot}
 Then we took my filthy dirty car to the car wash.

We went to our local green-house for African violets
 Tuesday Morning Store.
Then we came home to Sunday, Dinner and Movie.
Dinner was one of our favorite French meals.
Ham and cheese sandwich made on baguette
fresh fruit.
Following in our Spencer Tracy summer theme,
our movie was 
A Guy Named Joe
Have you ever seen it???
 It was good.
I entered a contest.
Yesterday morning, I made a design for 
Komen, Race For The Cure.
They sent an email asking for an entry.
This is the prototype I came up with.

I don't expect to win, but I loved designing this.
I put on paper, what I was feeling in my heart.

This week, on July 31st to be exact,
I will be cancer free for 3 years.
I LOVE that word.

Isn't life wonderful?
Love you.