Friday, July 31, 2015

Remission and The Blue Moon

Today, dear hearts,
I celebrate three years in remission.
My heart is full of so many things.
God's grace,
my families love,
the complete and utter respect I have for 
Dr H,Dr S, Dr G and Dr L.
My friends, have circled me with love and prayers.
The humbleness of being at this point in my recovery
is totally overwhelming.
Three years down, two to go.
Then I will be a survivor.
{Komen considers me a survivor the moment I am out of surgery,
 but in my heart, 
I must pay my dues by staying cancer free for 5 years} 

I am happy.
I am creating.
I am positive and enjoying each day of my life.
Thank you God.
Love you beyond today's BLUE MOON!