Monday, July 20, 2015

It Looks Like

Larry and I had a great weekend.
After getting a good check up with my surgeon & oncologist,
{still in remission! yay yay yay!}
we spent a lot of time with our family and good friends.

Matilda turned 4 this weekend.
Her birthday party was wonderful.
All of her friends
her friends parents whom Larry and I have come to know,
are a wonderful group of people.
This is THE Group.
Adorable, aren't they?

We celebrated all weekend long.

It is an amazing time for me,
watching this little girl grow
being part of her life is a priceless gift.

I was reflecting a lot after Matilda's party.
Wondering how my parents felt coming to Lauren & Jami's 
birthday parties.
It is the most interesting time of my life.

Cake time

Matilda & Josh

Matilda and her new skate board

Outer Space Party!

Matilda and her Jimmers

Today Is Monday.
Laundry is getting done.
Jami and I have plans to meet at the lake
walk {lap} it as many times as we can in the Texas Heat.
She wants to talk about wedding plans.
{I LOVE that}
It looks like today is going to be wonderful.
I wish you the same....
Love you.