Thursday, July 30, 2015

Cakes, Recipes and Memories

Once, a long time ago, 
I worked at The Carpenter House In Plano, Texas.
As assistant to the owner, 
I hired valet companies, ordered wedding cakes, 
set up photo shoots,
took reservations for the B&B, showed perspective brides the property
 helped in the kitchen.
My Mother had died the August before 
Lauren was in and out of the hospital weekly due to a blood disease.
I loved working in the house. 
It was an escape of sorts for me during a difficult time.
My desk was in the closed off porch.
A board was placed over the old water well,
and that was my desk, phone and all!
Every day when I went to work, I never knew what would happen.
I loved that.
I pass the house now and again while I am out.
It is still charming and holds  many wonderful memories.
Chef Valentine posted a recipe 
from the Carpenter House on the blog yesterday.
Please find the link below.

Love you,