Monday, June 8, 2015

The Best Weekend Ever

It is Monday, June 8th and I am back home,
after escaping reality for a few days.
Larry and I had the best weekend ever.

We flew to Philadelphia and
 checked into The Pineapple Hill Inn.
We went to the cemetery and paid our respects 
to wonderful family that we miss.
We ate hoagies, went to a Phillies baseball game.
We had dinner with cousins,
visited Brandywine ART Museum,
 went to the Bucks County Theater and saw COMPANY.
We shopped in New Hope.
We cuddled and read at the Inn on a rainy afternoon.
We were pampered, nurtured, fed and taken such good care of.

Larry was happy and relaxed.
He smiled, laughed and held my hand a lot.
It was the BEST weekend ever.
 The Pineapple Hill Inn

The Phillies lost to the Reds.
I don't really care.
We had so much FUN.

Our hoagies came from Speck's in Collegeville.
They were delightful.
{I ate the entire hoagie}

What more can I say?
I know that you do not want to hear how 
I do not want to be home right now.
Libby woke up and threw up in my work room.
Larry has turned into a working machine already
weekend away laundry is begging to be in the washer.

But Goodness.
It WAS the best weekend ever.
Love you,