Thursday, May 21, 2015

Dear Anonymous Reader

Blogging is an interesting thing.
As long as my blog is open to the public,
I am subject to opinions, ridicule 
 rude behavior by people,
because they are anonymous. 
Along with one rude note,
comes 10 sweet, supportive notes and messages.

I blog
{yes! you have heard this before}
because it is what I do in the morning.
I do not drink coffee,
smoke cigarettes
or even eat breakfast.
It is just what I do.

I paint, because it makes my heart sing.
I am sorry if you do not like my paintings.

Yes, we travel. 
France is one of our favorite places.
We have an apartment now 
and have been going each year for ages.
I am sorry that you do not like France.
I am sorry that the two days that you spent there
were difficult.
Perhaps you should have stayed home?

I cook and share recipes.
It is a shame that you think that I am wasting my time.
I love doing it and when I am gone,
my daughters will know where to find the "favorites".

My overall feeling is, that you are sad.
Not at me, but perhaps the world.
Please go out today and find something,
anything, that makes you happy.
If you find something that makes your heart sing,
you will be so much happier.
Perhaps you should try blogging?
if you do, please send me the link.
I will be your first fan.
Love you.


Sheri A said...

It's such a shame that this happens but, unfortunately, it happens to all of us with an online presence at one time or another. :(

Back in the day (AOL and such), I remember such stupid, awful things people said because they felt emboldened by the anonymity of the computer screen.

Some people just can't be made happy. No use trying.