Wednesday, April 22, 2015

The Recipe Book Wish/Dear Mother

In 1981, Mother gave me a blank, red, book.
Its empty, lined, pages inspired me, but Mother had plans for the book.
She wanted me to write down
 all of the families favorite recipes in this book
over the years add to it as recipes would become part of our family.
As Mother requested, I have done just that.
The Red Book is well worn and filled with love.

One night, over dinner,
 I told Larry that I would like to do the same thing for Lauren & Jamison.
He said; Great idea, but do me a favor? Order their books from OBERON?
YES! You don't have to ask me twice.
Oberon is one of my favorite places to order gifts.

I hung over the Oberon pages, 
trying to decide what design I would get for Lars and Jami.
Here is what I decided.
For Lauren.
 A gold book 
with a sunflower embossed in the leather.
The design is called SUNFLOWER.

For Jami, I chose blue,
The landscape of the design is busy but meaningful.
The design is called, Roof Of Heaven

The books were ordered and when they arrived, I got busy.
Handwriting recipes exactly the same in each book.

I loved the process.
I would come across recipes from my Mother and grandmother.
I was reminded of old friends  far away
and most important of all,
I shared all of this with my daughters.

I am not sure why I felt the need to do this now.
Perhaps it was because I have had cancer
just maybe...
I just wanted to order stuff from OBERON!
Either way,
I loved doing this.
I hope my girls look at their books in 30+ years
and smile, remembering.
{ I gave the Girls their Recipe Books
 on Saturday, April 18th, 2015}

Dear Mother:
Your recipe book wish, has been passed on to Lauren & Jami.
Thank you for all of the smiles and memories
 while I worked on their books.
I missed you so much
 as I remembered you making certain recipes
sharing them with me.
Love you beyond the Moon.