Thursday, April 23, 2015

The Front Room

This is the front room of our apartment in Paris.
The apartment is very small, about 1,000 square feet
it is one of my favorite places on earth.
I wish that I were there right now.
It would be 1:50 pm.
I would go to the kitchen, make a cup of tea,
sit by the window.
I would knit, read, paint or write notes.
I would like to be far away and get lost in the Paris springtime.

instead, since I am in Texas
 have not been in the middle of so much drama
since my father disowned me,
I am going to take a long walk.
I need a long walk.
There is an empty canvas staring at me,
I still have the blasted 9 {post surgery} pounds hanging on me
people around me are struggling with things
that I cannot do anything about.
{don't you hate that feeling?}

I am off to walk.
Van Morrison will be blasting in my ears
if you see me singing and dancing while walking down the street,
be sure to wave.
Love you.