Thursday, April 16, 2015

I LOVE Post Cards!

The mail arrived late yesterday.
 I was delighted when I saw what was delivered.
It is the most beautiful post-card on heavy paper.
{from Tokyo, Japan}
A post card! I LOVE post cards!
How do post card people stay in business?
No one sends post cards like they used to.
Email and Face Book notes have made communication so easy.
You have to wonder,
 how much thought really goes into that Facebook message that you received?
...a REAL post card?
Someone took the time, energy and money
 to send you a note from far away.

It is a compliment, it is a gift.

Larry and I send Matilda a post card whenever we are out of town.
I love the process.
Maybe I am just old fashioned?
At Antique Malls, I like to find old post cards
read the messages.
 Thank you, Zach & Andy for thinking of us.
The post card is stunning.
Love you.