Friday, April 10, 2015

Being A Friend

It is Friday at The Cottage!
  This busy week has sped by.
Mitzu, pug  dog,  has been a perfect  guest.
I love having two dogs in the house
 but I am not sure Libby agrees with me.

Yesterday I saw on Face Book that it was an old friends birthday.
This person is not a friend on Facebook,
I sent her a greeting and well wishes.
She wrote back, thanking me and asking about the family.

This wonderful lady took the time to write to me.
This wonderful lady was someone I admired
for her strength and faith.
But...I sighed.
So much time has gone by.
My journey and path has changed in the past 5 years
since seeing my old friend.

I am a different person now.
Don't you hate that?
Moving away from a friendship is never easy.
Various reasons weave their way into our lives
changing our tapestry.

Personally, I am not happy about this change 
in my tapestry.
As soon as I post this entry today, I am going to write to my old friend
telling her how much she is admired.
Do you remember the saying:
 You have to BE a friend to HAVE a friend?

Chef Valentine posted the recipe 
for Cherry Dream Squares. 
Find the recipe

Have a wonderful weekend.
Please fill it with all things meaningful and joyful.
{like Cherry Dream Squares???}
Love you!