Wednesday, March 4, 2015

A Personal Note

Today's post is a personal note to a dear friend.

Dear Bobbie,
   You cannot know how often Larry and I think of you and Bill. When I read the email that you sent me today, I cried.
    Sweet Ajax was a big part of our family. I still love her and keep her in my heart. You lent her to us and for that I will be forever grateful. She also brought you and Bill into our lives. That too is a blessing.
    After reading your email, I looked over old photos. I have a favorite portrait of Miss Ajax. Her eyes tell the story...

Ajax was YOUR girl, like Libby is mine, but I think that she loved me in her own way. I can still remember how excited I would be, knowing that she would be coming to stay with us. She would come into the house, horrified from the van trip to The Cottage, shake off the "car" fear and run back to the basket of toys. She would bring a toy out, showing off, as if she were saying: I am here now!

Libby would sit and look at her, thinking: You crazy Boston Terrier.

My favorite photo,of Ajax and Libby is the same as yours.

  Ajax and Libby, watching Garfield stroll across the patio. Both Ajax and Garf are gone now. When Libby is sleeping and her legs are moving, is she dreaming of running with Ajax? Chasing Garfield perhaps? 
  When Libby leaves this world, I will never have another dog. She has been the absolute best. Ajax too, of course.
    Bobbie, thank you for being such a dear friend. I send crushing hugs.


Sheri A said...

What a beautiful tribute to Ajax and what I assume were her owners. Sweet pictures!

Sorry for the loss of a furry you and Larry and to Ajax's parents.