Tuesday, February 24, 2015

The Theory Of Everything

Ice still covers the roads.
Larry left hours ago for work and he is there safely.

My new CD arrived last night
 it is playing for the first time as I post.

This year, Larry and I saw all of the Oscar nominated movies.
We saw movies that we would not have chosen to see.
I am glad that we opened ourselves up to 
something that was not typical for us.
We experienced ART that perhaps we would have missed.

It is a cold Tuesday Morning.
Plans for today are simple.
Stay warn and finish the book I am reading,
Friends Book Group meets on Thursday night.

With so many people experiencing crazy weather,
this short video makes me smile.
I want to make a tunnel!

Please remember.
Everyone is going through something.
Their own heartbreak or glory.
Smile...it is the universal sign for
everything is ok.
Love you.