Monday, February 16, 2015

The BEST Holiday

Valentine's Day!
It started with a hug and a kiss.
Larry is still amazing to me.
We lounged in bed, watching the news and then fed Libby Pug.
We dressed warm even though we did not need it.
I packed 2 sandwiches and 2 waters in my backpack.
We headed by car to Lavon Lake.
The trail-head is shared by humans and horses.
The hike was 3.5 miles in Texas Grasslands.
We enjoyed this hike so much.
Earth colors penetrated my senses.
Prickly winter grass promised to be bright in the coming months.

Our sandwiches were eaten here, at this fun spot.
There is a tipi and a stone circle for a campfire.
The steps are to get on your horse
there is a swing!

Larry was charming, we laughed...I set up the picture below.
It is titled:
Stairway To Heaven
{personal joke}
The hike was over way to soon.
We headed home and got ready for our dinner date.

Sunday, Dinner and Movie:

I made pizza and salad,
Cheesecake brownies,

And, in honor of Presidents Day,
we watched
North By Northwest

It was a great weekend.
Valentine's Day is the BEST holiday!
Love you.