Thursday, February 5, 2015

Maybe Pearls?

It is a cold and drizzly today.
I am sitting at my work desk, making plans.

I must get a passport photo taken.
Can you believe that my second passport needs renewed?
I said: Larry! I am going to buy a leather passport case. That way we can tell yours and mine apart without opening them.
Larry said: Have no fear. Your new one will be the one without any stamps!
I had forgotten.
I lose all of the beautiful stamps when I get a new passport.
Oh Well. I will just have to get more!

I must sketch a painting out on canvas.
A great idea for a painting is awaiting.

Flowers on the dining room table need thrown away.
I like old flowers.
Once my Mother said: you remind me of an old Victorian lady,
the way you keep the flowers after they die. 
{I was 18  when she said that}

I am sipping tea as I write today.
Larry just called me.
When he calls to say: I love you...
It makes me happy.

Yesterday, when Lauren and Matilda came over 
they brought Gummy Bears in a jar! 
They are the good ones from Sprouts.
Thank you Lars & Matilda.

When they came yesterday I had the studio ready for painting.
Here is the picture that Matilda created.
The painting is not for sale or auction.
It will be the prize for our Family Bowling Tournament.
We do this twice a year.
The tournament that is.
We are all bad bowlers and that is what makes it so much fun.

I better go find my mascara and lipstick. Maybe pearls too?
This passport photo is going be one to remember.

Have a perfect day. Smile often.
Love you.