Friday, February 13, 2015

Happy Valentines Day Tomorrow

This morning, I sat like a geek in front of the TV and
watched Good Morning America, 
as 12 people proposed to the loves of their lives.
I cried.
Christina Perri sang and it was quite romantic.

I feel sentimental.
Valentines Day is one of my favorite holidays.
Larry proposed to me on Valentines Day 1977.
Tomorrow will be our 38th anniversary.
It feels like yesterday, but were has the time gone?
My beautiful daughters are grown with Valentines of their own.

 I look at it like this:
As this wonderful family circle grows, bring on the love.
If we remember the love, everything else is not important.
If we remember the love, we can always make it work.
If we remember the love, no one can interfere.
{including that B**** who keeps flirting with Larry
 at his company events. LOL!}
If we remember the love, nothing is a chore.
If we remember the love, our hearts will always sing.
Happy Valentine's Day!
Love you beyond the candy hearts.