Thursday, January 15, 2015

Yesterday's Recap

Yesterday, Matilda and Mitzu came to play.
Lars had an appointment to have her hair done.

We played Uncle Wiggily.

Mitzu stared at the front door till Lars came home.

Men came, took our old fence down
 put up a brand new one!

I started a new project.
This is a great pattern and I am anxious to see it grow.
Remind to take pictures to show you.

Matilda watched Otis and Milo.
A movie about a pug dog and kitten.
She liked it but said the fox made her nervous.

Then Matilda made gum balls out of play doh
fed them to Harriett the pig. {a puppet}

Larry met us for lunch at COUNTRY BURGER.

I came home to a quiet house, but noisy outside.
The workmen were hammering and sawing.
Today the new fence is up!
It looks wonderful.

Tonight is book group.
I am baking cupcakes.....
wish you could smell the yummy vanilla aroma.
Have a happy day!
Love you.