Monday, January 5, 2015

Two Hot Dogs and a Bowl of Chili

It is Monday.
Laundry is swirling and Libby is gobbling down her dinner.
There are thank you notes to write 
a painting to start.

I find myself reflective about the holidays this year.
2014, has been marvelous.
I am elated and thankful as I look back on all of the fun 
meaningful moments.

The promises for 2015 take my breath away.
So many good things happening.
There are also struggles going on.
Please don't think that I ignore ugliness.
I believe that even with mean, ugly, unfortunate things,
there is a positive way to handle them.
Follow your heart this year.
You will always be happy.

Last nights dinner was a classic.
{cough, cough}
Yes! I ate 2 hot dogs and a bowl of chili!
Dessert was a home made brownie Sundae.
Larry was in heaven.
He requested the menu.
{to enjoy during the Cowboys Game}
It was a perfect afternoon.
An early dinner and the Cowboys game.
We are glad that the Cowboys won!
I guess next Sunday dinner will be 
"football food"

Happy Monday.
January 5, 2015
May your day today be filled with all things special.
A brand new year!
Love you beyond all resolutions.