Friday, January 23, 2015

The Picnic

I promised to take a few Paris picnic pictures...for a special person.
Here they are.
 Every year while on holiday, Larry and I take one afternoon for a picnic.
We have the picnic on this bridge, the Ponts des Arts bridge.

Larry ices down the Champagne.
Then we go through the city picking up our favorite picnic food.

Once we are finished shopping, Larry pops the cork on this years wine.

We enjoy, sandwiches, crisps, macaroons and wine.

This year, I had a veggie sandwich on olive bread.
It was amazing.

We buy the big box of macaroons.
It is our custom, that if anyone stops to talk to us
{usually someone does}
we share the cookies with them.
These macaroons are from a new bakery near our apartment.
My favorite was the banana one.

This year we shared the cookies with 3 ladies from Hungary.
They spoke very little English, but video taped us having the picnic.
They asked us how long we have been married
how often we come to France.
 Larry said while holding out the macaroon box: Please have a macaroon.
The one lady said: No no no!
The woman video taping this encounter said: Merci!
After that the other two ladies shared the macaroons.
 Larry and I are still laughing about how crazy that video must be.

Picnics are wonderful.....
love you.