Thursday, January 22, 2015

The Christmas Gift

This photo was taken one morning in Paris.
The November wind was blowing 
 I was attracted to the light as it hugged the building.

Larry had gone off, to buy a bottle of Champagne for our picnic,
leaving me on my own for a few hours to take pictures.

There is a bench in front of this building.
I had been here before and on this day,
 I waited  for the perfect lighting to take a photograph.
I was two Metro stops from home and it was very cold when the wind blew.
My gloves made snapping shots clumsy, to say the least.

I was patient.
People watching and looking like a semi-tourist with my camera in hand.
Then I saw it.
The sun teased the upper windows,
 while the bottom of the building stayed shadowed.
I captured it.
Paris in November.
The photograph is titled: "Always Look Up"

Whether you are hoping for a good outcome to a problem
waiting for perfect lighting, always look up.
The positive aspect of looking up,
can soothe the most anxious of souls.

I had this photo made into a print and  framed it for Larry.
He has it in his Dallas Office.
It was his Christmas gift.
{not just the photo but the reminder to stay positive}
Merry Christmas!

Love you.