Monday, January 19, 2015

Sunday-Dinner and Movie

Yesterday was one of the amazing Texas days that we all love.
Sunny and warm.
People had on shorts and flip flops!
Larry and I had A PICNIC on the calendar for Sunday
it was the perfect day for eating al fresco.

Picnic was Jimmy Johns's sandwiches, Doritos
We ate at the Dallas Arboretum.
We talked so much and laughed.
Then we walked the length of the gardens before coming home.
I really was not ready to come home.

Football was on.
I read the book that has been sitting on my bedside table for ages.
Then we rented the movie BOYHOOD.

Picnic and movie was a success.
I am happy that Monday is here.
This week is going to be the best.......
stay tuned.
Love you.