Saturday, January 3, 2015

Life Is Quite Wonderful

What a lazy Saturday morning!
Larry and I have been lazy, even though we were up early.
I signed Matilda up for Ballet Classes this morning!
{oh how she loves ballet}

Paris pictures have be slowly making their way onto FlickR.
I took over 200 this year.
It might take awhile. Geeze.
This year in France, the children's fashions were stunning.
They were take your breath away, stunning.
To stunning for a child to really wear, but very beautiful.
{this was a Dior dress}
It always amazes me,
how holiday photos can take you back to specific moments.
I am agitated at myself because it is taking forever to post the pictures.
Deep breath.
It will get done, right?
I love that the new year is here.
So many positive feelings and things happening.
Life is quite wonderful.

 The below poster is for a good friend.
You know who you are.
Following your heart is a wonderful thing.
Never, never question what you love.
Life is quite wonderful.
I love you.