Monday, January 12, 2015

Life is Like Humongous Hawk

we watched The Dallas Cowboys
lose to the Green Bay Packers.
I am sorry that they lost, but what a great season.

I made my famous steak sandwiches
to enjoy while watching the game.
I am not from Philly for nothing!

Today started with a 6 month visit to the breast surgeon.
A huge exam and bilateral mammogram.
I am still cancer free!
Today I hit the 2 1/2 year mark,
 thats half way to my 5 year celebration!

It feels amazing to be given the all clear.

I am home now. 
Laundry is swirling.
There is a massive hawk in the side garden.
He is camera shy, but undoubtedly powerful.

I am itching take a long walk to the lake
a blank canvas is begging to be marked on.
{wonder what will win out?}

Today is a perfect day, isn't it?
If your day is not going well, what will you do to make it better?
you are in charge...make things as YOU want them to be.
Love you beyond that humongous hawk,