Friday, January 16, 2015

Interlocking Balloons

I promise that I came to my studio to blog.
Book group last night was so very wonderful, I wanted to share it all.
I have become intrigued with the pattern
 of the scarf that I am making for Larry.
The pattern is called Interlocking Balloons.
I cannot seem to put it down.
It makes me happy!

Have you ever known anyone with Hyperparathyroid disease?
It is not pleasant.
Your bones hurt.
Your mind is muddled when it is not depressed.
Your nails and hair thins.
{so many more symptoms I don't have time to share}

I tried to make this scarf  3 years ago
my mind could not comprehend the pattern.
I can really do it.
I am thrilled beyond belief.
Larry says that it is a Christmas Miracle.

I promise to tell you about my book group next week.
Have the best weekend!
Love you.