Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Taking The Metro North

Larry collects his change all year.
It is the Champagne fund.
However much is in the piggie at the end of the year, goes to 1 bottle of Champagne.
This was buy the Champagne day.

We left the apartment, Taking the Metro North.
When I stepped above ground, I saw Mr Smoker on his balcony.
I took this picture because...check out the pants!
Orange pants were THE thing this year in Paris for men.
Larry cringed at them....I even saw orange pants in corduroy!

 AUGE is Larry's favorite wine cave.
It is wild inside.
 I am always afraid that I will knock something over but I haven't yet.

Larry with his Champagne purchase.
{I will share about the Champagne picnic later}

We walked home that afternoon.
This is the cafe at the Louvre. It was a beautiful walk......

On lovely days in Paris, you see a lot of this.
Passion at its best.
Paris is the most amazing city.
I cannot get enough of the people, passion and ART.

What City inspires you? Why?

I am going to work on a painting today for Larry's birthday.
A Christmas quilt for Matilda
and finish knitting a sweater.
I believe that I might have more inspiration than energy.
Go on, smile!
Love you.