Monday, November 3, 2014

It Is A Beautiful Day

Happy, happy November 3rd.
The weekend went by at the perfect speed for me to enjoy each second.
 Friday was our personal Halloween celebration.
Dinner out, enjoying friends and lots of hand holding of two garden gnomes.
{Yes! We were garden gnomes!}
Here we are with Matilda.

Saturday night, we attended a party on the most amazing ranch I have ever seen.
Lauren, Josh and Matilda lead the way in.

Pa-gnome stayed by the hearse, as Matilda-chicken chickened out.

Pa-gnome and Matilda won the adult costume contest.
The judge asked Matilda if she was a little young for the adult contest.
Pa-gnome said: She is my dinner!
Then the judge gave them the prize!

We had so much fun dressing up this year.
{but two nights is just a bit much!}

Twelve hours later, we were meeting Miss Cooper.
Cooper is Jami & Jared's new puppy.
I have to be honest.
I have missed having a puppy around.
I think she likes me!

I know that this is not in focus but I love it.
Welcome, Little Girl.

This is Gunner in Jami's car.
He says, if that little puppy is staying, get me out of here!
I am just joking. 
He loves Cooper.
And so it is Monday.
The day will be filled with all sorts of Monday stuff.
Fingers crossed and spit into the wind that it will be a good Monday.

Be safe, smile a lot and be happy.
It is a beautiful day.
Love you.