Thursday, November 6, 2014


It is only Thursday and I have learned so much about myself this week.
Starting with the photo above.
I am working on Matilda's Christmas gift.
It started out being a huge surprise,
I ended up showing the fabric to Lauren.
Telling Jami about it
and posting this picture.
You are now sworn to silence.
I am making Matilda a quilt.
My conclusion is: I think that because I do not like surprises,
I tend not to keep any.

Last week, I did something brave.
{for me at least}
I stood up for myself.
I said: please stop that.It makes me uncomfortable.
I was angry when I said it and regretted it at first,
but now, I feel good.
It feels alot better than that feeling of someone walking all over you.

I have discovered that I am happyish again.
Yes, its true.
I have been scared and unhappy.
Faking happiness is such a waste of energy.
My secret is, find that happy spot and don't let anyone talk you out of it.

Can you believe I am in Christmas Mode?
No decorations or anything like that.
Just good old fashioned home-made gifts.
You know....home-made.....that's my happy spot.

What is your happy spot?
That place that allows you to 
feel, think, solve and smile all at one time?
It might take a moment to find it, but when you do it is great!

Now, back to Miss Matilda's Christmas Quilt.
You know me and that problem with surprises?
Well, look for a pic of the completed quilt soon!
{no secrets here. haha}
Love you to the fabric store and back!