Friday, October 3, 2014

Remembering Larry Neumann

Thirty years ago, Larry and I moved to Dallas.
Jami was a baby and Lauren an active 3 year old.
{they are a little older in this picture}
When we arrived, Larry was hired in 1984 by Kraft Foodservice.
The man who interviewed him and was  ultimately his boss
was a man named Larry Neumann.
Over these thirty years, Larry Neumann has always been part of our lives. 
This morning his wife called us.
She wanted us to know that Mr. Larry passed away last night.
She had dinner with him, Went to her meeting
 and came home to find the farm gates open and the barn door open.
He had passed away in the kitchen.
I remember a dinner party here, when Mr Larry got down on all 4rs,
giving the Girls horse rides.
He was loved by all of us.

Larry Neumann
May angels guide you to your place of rest.
May you watch over Earlene and Sarah and smile.
You are in our hearts forever.
God Bless.
Love you.
Robin & Larry