Monday, October 6, 2014

Much Like Amelie.

We had tickets for the symphony yesterday.
The amazing M. Ax performed.
I saw him in Paris, 2013.
 I had just finished treatments for breast cancer.
{and he was my favorite part of that tiring trip}
His talent is amazing and he is an adorable character.
I am quite a groupie.

Warning. This is a bad picture.
No one over 40 should ever take a selfie.
Jami made me the beautiful pink scarf...I am wearing it all month.
{breast cancer awareness month}
Have I ever mentioned how wonderful my daughters are?
What is going on with my lips here?
I guess I should use a mirror when I put lipstick on.

Before the concert, we had a picnic.
It was yummy and as always, Larry chose the nicest Champagne.

After the concert, we drove home chatting about the talent of Mr Ax.
We talked about
Christmas gifts.
Our daughters.
Larry's work.
A painting I just had framed and will sell on ETSY soon.
what movie we would watch that evening.
My vote was Jules and Jim.
I had always heard of it, but never had seen it.
It was filmed in 1962 I think.
A quirky French film 
a quirky story.
If you watch it, you might notice that the filming is much like Amelie.
It was the perfect film for our evening.

It is October 6th.
Be happy today. 
Love you.

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