Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Toasting One Up

I am feeling Autumn in the air!
I am not sure if it because I am home from the beach
if it really is in the air.
The crisp musty sent of leaves drying
 on the huge pecan tree in our front yard.
Sweaters stacked in beautiful piles at Nordstrom's.
Plans for our Halloween party!
have you ever noticed the air?
It might be 90 degrees outside 
there is something in the air that shouts autumn.

This year feels different.
Each year gets better.
I feel very content and happy.
It might be that I am finally accepting my fate with
faith and joy
instead of balking and fighting everything 
that is disagreeable with me.

I bought cinnamon, raisin English muffins yesterday.
I am off to toast one up, have a cup of Chai
listen to a new CD.
Emanuel Ax is one of my favorite pianists.
I saw him in Paris a couple of years ago
this year, I shall see him twice.
His energy and personality while performing is magic.
We have had the tickets to see him for a long time.
I shall see Mr. Ax twice this Autumn!
be still my beating heart.
Please enjoy...

Happy almost autumn!
Love you,