Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Matilda, Rain & Picnics

It is amazing to me that Wednesday is here.
I had the best weekend, last weekend
meant to blog about it....
but where has my week gone?
Better late than never. Oui?

 On Saturday We delivered chicken soup to The Miller's.
Matilda posed especially for a blog picture.
Mitzu was busy, chewing her bone.

 On the way home, the sky turned dark.
It reminded me of Wuthering Heights.
So dark and gloomy!

 Had to stop at Wholefoods on the way home.
Picnic goodies were needed.

 It waited to rain, till we were almost home.

 The pack patio had a pre-Autumn sadness about it.
The plants dying....or getting ready to rest for the winter.

 Sunday, noonish, we took our picnic to the Dallas Arboretum.
It was still cloudy and humid...but beautiful.

 Larry and I have a bench in a special garden.
This is the view from our bench.

 The picnic was perfect.
Larry made this picnic.
He is amazing.
{Larry I love you}

This guy stayed near us during the entire picnic.
We watched him feed and move along from plant to plant.
But never far from us.
This past weekend was difficult.
It was dark and rainy.
We were just home from the cottage in Hawaii
Larry going back to work, after being on vacation with me
is always sad.
I miss him like crazy .
Getting back into the rhythm of our days can be fun too.

Wednesdays are not my favorite,
but as long as the day goes well and my family is happy,
what more can I ask?
Have a lovely happy day!
Love you.