Friday, September 26, 2014

And I had Ice Cream

Good news.
The new battery for my little camera arrived!
I am sorry to say, these were the only photos on the camera.
{ I have a few other images on my phone}
I did love South Beach.
Please enjoy....
The Lowes Hotel is the hotel on the far right.
{this was our cabana and chairs for the day}

The day was overcast and the beach was busy.

I love this shot....calm energy.

My beach read.
Orchid House.
The book got iffy reviews,but  I enjoyed each page.

 Larry and I were enjoying our day.
One cabana bed, and 2 lounge chairs.
Reading, chatting, solving the worlds problems.....
but, then we had company!

And I had ice cream.
Good friends and ice cream.
Life is wonderful.
Love you,