Tuesday, August 5, 2014

To Punish Publicly Or Not To Punish Publicly?

Have you heard about the woman 
who sold her daughters Katie Perry tickets online as a punishment?
If not, find the story 

The debate is, 
should the mother have humiliated her daughter publicly?
The consensus is,
that the mom should have punished her daughter in private.
To humiliate the daughter in public, will scar her for life.

I am on the fence about this one.
when I was 5 years old,
 I had a bad habit of going to friends homes to play 
without telling Mother where I was going.

She informed me,
once more and you will be punished.
It was not long before that once more, was a reality

Mother's punishment was:
She was going to tie me to the garage door for one hour.
A day was set and planned for after school.
I was in Kindergarten.

Please remember that we were kiddos in the '50's and '60's.
We were spanked with a hairbrush and yard stick.
If our arms were on the table at dinner time,
Norman would slap our arm with a fork.
In all of my punishments, in all of my life,
I remember every second of being tied to that garage door.
The neighbors brought me a Popsicle and were kind to me.
I remember my face burning with embarrassment
and the loud hummm in my ears.

Mother was a great woman. I loved her very much.
She has been gone from us since 1995 
and I hesitated to share this story with you.
Then I remembered that after all of these years {55}
 the humiliation of the punishment still rings in my ears.

Punishing a child is a personal decision and should be done in private.
This is just my opinion....
what do you think?
Love you,


rosemary said...

I agree with you, Robin I think
all of us kiddos who were raised
in the 50's and 60's still carry
the scars and bad feelings that went along
with unfair and
inappropriate punishment and, most
of the time, it was for just
being a kid. Also, I believe that
the punishment should be
appropriate and proportionate to
the "crime". But our Mom's meant
well, didn't they? And did the
best job they could. My mom was 18
when she got married and 20 when
she had her first baby...good
grief, I would have been the
worst mom at 20!!!