Sunday, August 31, 2014

How are you?

Good bye August, hello September 1st!
How are you?
Have you enjoyed the summer solstice with energy and love?
What have you created? Have you shared ART? Have you been happy?
Taking a break from blogging was been good and awful.
I missed sharing but I have enjoyed not sharing.
Does that make sense at all?
I loved the month of August.
I got many things done.
Saw good friends.
Enjoyed time with Matilda.
Had a kidney infection.
Threw my back out.
Went on vacation.
Celebrated 37 years with Larry.
Picnicked on Baby Beach.{walking distance from our vacation cottage}
I had magnets made from one of my of Poip'u photographs
mailed all of them to friends and family.
I was kind of sad because I did not hear from many people about the magnets.
Larry said: no one knew that you took the photo
went to any trouble with the cards.
I said: Oh.
If you are one of these people, please forgive me.
I am tired, have a sore throat and major jet lag.
I am happy to be home.
Libby is here beside me,
Larry is terrific.
He has been working, playing with Libby
is still the most amazing man I know.
 So, hello to September.
It still sucks that I am home from Hawaii.
East, West, home best.
Love you.