Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Dr Shurtz, I Am Sorry

This autumn, I was rather sad.
Spending each day at Texas Oncology was wearing thin.
It was difficult on some days to find something to inspire me,
or make me smile.
One day when I was at my daily appointment,
I saw a month old Better Homes and Garden magazine.
On the cover was an icebox lemon pie.
I love icebox pies
 thought, I should look up the recipe online.
After my radiation treatment, I came home and looked up the recipe.
I found it, but the font was so tiny I was amazed.
I copied it and tried to paste it using a larger font.
It did not work.
I thought, tomorrow I will try to copy the recipe out of the book.
But the book vanished.
For weeks, I looked for that blasted magazine.
Nothing. Till yesterday!
 I took Libby for spa day at the VETS office.
and guess what?
Dr Shurtz had a copy of the Better Homes and Garden
issue with the icebox lemon pie on the cover.
I decided not to mess around
while Libby was in the back getting her nails clipped,
I ripped the recipe out of the magazine.
Don't you hate people who do that?
I do and on the way home I felt really awful about it.
Lemon Icebox Pie recipe on dining room table this morning
Dr Shurtz,
please forgive me for tearing up your old
Better Homes and Garden magazine.
If you should read this, call me and let me know you read the blog.
The secret word can be PIE.
I will make you the Lemon Icebox Pie and bring it to you!
Love you.


maddtom said...

You can always sneek back in the office with a roll of tape and put the recipe back. No one will notice I am thinking, except for the lemon icebox fingerprints!

Robin Tolbert said...

Thomas! You are always brilliant.