Tuesday, April 8, 2008

A New Book! HOLD TIGHT by Harlan Coben

....many years ago I was part of an online book group. BOOKACCINO. There were about 30-40 regulars, who would meet in a chat room and talk books, life, weather. As we became better friends, the conversations changed and titles were shared with people who liked the same genres. It was wonderful. I got the best titles when Bookaccino was active. Google: Bookaccino AOL.
It was in Bookaccino years ago, where the name Harlan Coben came up. He was part of the group, and was often discussed as one of the celebrities who visited the chat.
Harlan has a new book out, next week in the US......Stop by his web site, take a peek and see if he will be visiting your town. If not, read a preview.
I love new books. There is a smell about a new book that is thrilling. The crisp pages hold the promise of being entertained in the most intimate of ways.....
Harlan has a new book out, be entertained by the best.
Love you,